The Travel Business Portal: Must-Have Features

It is gone are the days when planning a trip meant spending hours and even months. You don’t have to travel far to find the best hotel deals. A few years ago, the travel industry moved from offline to online. Travellers are now ready to share their travel wishes and it is the job of travel agencies to fulfill them.

A travel booking program is essential to run a successful agency. To make bookings for transportation, hotels, restaurants, and other services easy, your software should be sophisticated. Who wants to be responsible for other activities while you travel?

These are the essential features you need to have in your travel agency software if you’re looking to open one.

  1. Profile creation and booking process

It should be simple to create a profile on the travel portal. Multiple profile creation options are available, including creating a profile using an email id, via social media or from a mobile number. To book tickets, the user must first create a profile.

It should be simple and quick to book your tickets. You should not ask for too many details in your ticket booking form. This can cause the user to be diverted to other portals that offer travel agencies to save their time.

Your customer will return to you again and again to purchase their tickets if the booking process goes smoothly.

  1. Customization Packaging Option

Tour packaging is an important feature for travelers. People are more particular about the travel arrangements, activities, and food they choose. Customers will be able to choose to add or subtract activities from their travel package. This will allow them to purchase the best possible travel package.

Your customer will not be able to have the vacation they want if you offer limited tour packages. It is gone a time when travel plans were made based on the availability of travel packages at travel agencies. They will be drawn back to your travel agency software for a more personalized experience.

You can also offer multiple packages for a specific destination, such as multiple days, a stay at the hotel, and participation in local and cultural activities. Make sure that you hire an experienced company when purchasing travel agency software.

  1. Payment method

Remember that the payment process is only the final step in purchasing your products and services. Your customer should have the option to pay in a variety of ways. Multiple payment options are available, including third-party payment apps, payment apps, credit and debit card usage, and other payment options.

Everything is digital and faster now. Make sure that your payment process is secure and quick. You and your customer will both be able to access their bank and personal information. International travellers can book their tickets and hotels by using multiple payment options.

You can reach a wider audience if you offer more options. You can either hire software developers to create your Travel agency software or purchase a white label solution like MakeMyTrip.

  1. Multilingual and currency

It will be so frustrating to translate each word into the local language. You will be able to reach a wider audience if you run a travel agency. Your agency should be accessible to people from all corners of the globe. Your responsibility is to offer a rich and personalized experience to all visitors.

Your travel agency software should support multiple currencies and languages to attract international customers. These features will allow you to service customers from different countries, increasing your revenue.

Many countries have their own language. They will always check the price of any ticket or travel package they book. How about reducing the time it takes to convert the currency mentioned into local currency. This will make a big difference for them. They will be able to read the content in your software and will return to it over and again.

  1. Search Option

We are only one search away now from the information we need. Your software will take too much time for the customer to look through. Your travel agency should offer the search option. This will allow customers to search for the information they need directly.

You can also make it predictive. A drop-down menu will appear below the search box when the customer enters the keywords they are looking for. This is a great way to eliminate the long list search results and allow the customer to instantly find the relevant information.

  1. Gallery

Do you think it is possible to blindly purchase a product without ever seeing a picture? No, right! The gallery is an essential part of the Travel agency business. Visuals are the best way for you to communicate with your customers. Customers should be looking for breathtaking photos of their vacation destination. It will also help them when choosing hotels, vacation destinations, and restaurants.

Make sure that the gallery contains the best images. Multiple pictures of a single service or destination should be provided. You can also ask customers to send you pictures of their vacations for credibility.  


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