15 Travelers I’ve Met

There are many types of travelers. We take a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the more common types.

  1. The Complete Budget Traveler

The budget traveler is a complete budget traveler. He/she travels within a budget and doesn’t change it no matter what exciting opportunity comes along. This traveller will not consume any extra drinks unless someone buys it.

  1. The Perennial Party animal

Perpetual party animals have one goal. They want to have fun, usually at a bar. These travelers find the best places to party. They might be better partnered with the budget-minded traveler.

  1. The flexible, go-anywhere traveler

Flexible, go-anywhere travelers are able to relax and enjoy their surroundings. You don’t need to plan – everything is fine. They just go with the flow, and don’t need to plan. Maybe the traveller who enjoys every experience.

  1. The Methodical Planner

A methodical planner will not do anything that isn’t pre-planned. They are meticulously planned every second and feel abandoned when things go wrong, as they will. They will always find them wherever the plan directs.

  1. The Modern Techie

Modern techies can only travel if they have the most up-to-date travel accessories and gadgets. Keep in touch with the techie to find out which items work and which items are a waste for your next trip.

  1. The Avid Souvenir Buyer

An avid souvenir buyer is able to afford to buy anything that will remind them of their holiday. They are more interested in shopping at the shops and markets than spending time with the party animal. This animal is often unable to meet the baggage weight limit on their return journey.

  1. The Know it All Traveler

Before traveling, the “know-it-all” traveler reviews everything in guidebooks and on the internet. The “fact-finder” is someone who enjoys asking the most detailed questions to the guides and interrupting them with facts. You don’t know who the “know it all” traveller should be with.

  1. The Fancy Photographer

The most expensive and longest-lasting photographs will be taken by the fancy photographer. At any particular sight, other travellers will always be waiting for them. They like to be out early in the morning to catch the light.

  1. The Constant Complainer

Constant complainer: The one who finds every aspect of the tour to be not up to their usual standards. They often claim to be frequent travellers, and they want to “talk to a higher authority”. You should probably stay at home and enjoy what is there.

  1. The Helpless Traveler

The helpless traveler is a person who finds too much. The helpless traveler will often ask bizarre and sometimes useless questions. Often, someone will accompany the tour to take the helpless traveller and protect them from harm.

  1. The “I am looking to myself” Traveler

Travelers who are “I am looking to myself” are searching for something. Each “I am searching for myself” traveler will find something that is unique. Let them be themselves, but ensure that they are safe.

  1. The Incessant Talking Traveler

They are a constant talking traveler who will not stop talking. They are always looking for a conversation on any topic. They are often very interesting, but that is not enough.

  1. The Travel Light Traveler

To travel light, one bag is all that’s needed to take you around the world. They are proud of their accomplishment, but they struggle to wash clothes when it is not possible. They like borrowing things.

  1. The Repeating Traveler

Repeating travelers travel to the same holiday or place each year. They can give you at least 101 reasons to join them. They are proud to tell you that they have witnessed three managerial changes in the hotel, and the previous manager was superior.

  1. The Exercising Traveler

The exercise traveler gets up every morning for a vigorous workout. Stay only in hotels that have a swimming pool and a gym. They are often picky about food and will not eat healthy until they get a free glass of wine.

No matter what type of traveler or contact you may be, enjoy the experience and learn from others. Even the most boring traveler will find something to share.  

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